This page lists the classes that I have been a teaching assistant for, and provides the course notes that I developed for those classes. I have also made the decision to share all of my teaching evaluations publicly on this page, as a commitment mechanism to always teach as well as possible. I'm proud to be one of the very few website administrators who host criticisms of themselves!

Because teaching evaluations are very hard to read in their original format (in particular, the PDFs that I receive from the University scramble all sorts of information about the main instructor's lectures together with information about me and the sections I teach), I have compiled all of my written evaluations into one document [166 KB download, PDF]. The accuracy and completeness of the compiled reviews, which have simply been copied directly from the originals, can be verified using the originals which are provided under each course heading.

Intermediate Game Theory

  • POLSCI 681, Winter 2019, UMich, Graduate, with Scott Page
  • Course notes: [458 KB download, PDF]
  • Course evaluations: [104 KB download, PDF]

  • Statistical Methods for Political Science Research

  • POLSCI 599, Fall 2018, UMich, Graduate, with Yuki Shiraito
  • Course notes: [447 KB download, PDF]
  • Course evaluations: [106 KB download, PDF]

  • Graduate Student Mentor

  • POLSCI 993, Winter 2018, UMich, Graduate, with Lisa Disch

  • Modeling Political Processes

  • CMPLXSYS 391, Fall 2017, UMich, Undergraduate, with Scott Page
  • Course evaluations: Section 2 [12 KB download, PDF]; Section 5 [12 KB download, PDF]; Section 7 [14 KB download, PDF]

  • Public Opinion

  • POL 314, Fall 2015, UToronto, Undergraduate, with Neil Nevitte
  • Instructional document: [773 KB download, PDF]
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