Samuel Baltz

I'm a PhD student studying political science and scientific computing at the University of Michigan, and doing an MS in applied mathematics. I have a Graduate Certificate in complex systems from the University of Michigan, and a BSc in astrophysics from the University of Toronto.

I study the strategic interaction of electors and parties in democratic elections, using computational and analytical applied math models. Currently I'm studying voter strategy as a dynamical system by introducing a time parameter into static equilibrium models, which allows me to approach an important game theoretic and social choice question using differential equation and computational modeling approaches. I'm also interested in comparative electoral and party systems, particularly how systems shape the choices that electors face and how that affects their representation.

In my spare time I'm slowly working on projects in computational stellar astrophysics and recreational mathematics, and am translating some previously untranslated political science books from French into English. I also regularly contribute technical content to Wikipedia, where articles I've created have been viewed more than 1.25 million times. You can find those contributions through my user page.



Office: 6556 Haven Hall, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Office hours (winter 2019): TBD

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