Samuel Baltz


I'm a PhD candidate in political science and scientific computing at the University of Michigan, as well as an MS student in applied mathematics. I'm also a 2019-2020 Fellow of the Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery and Engineering. I hold a Graduate Certificate in complex systems from the University of Michigan and a BSc in astrophysics from Victoria College in the University of Toronto.

I'm working on methods to estimate historical election results under counterfactual electoral systems, to try to understand how the results of a given democratic election might have been different if that election had been held under a different electoral ruleset. This requires studying the strategic interaction of electors and parties as an iterative game, which opens up some classical game theory and social choice questions to computational modeling and dynamical systems methods. I'm particularly interested in how comparative electoral and party systems define the choices that electors face and how that affects their representation.

In my spare time I'm slowly working on projects in computational stellar astrophysics and recreational mathematics.


Email: sbaltz [at] umich [dot] edu

Office: 6556 Haven Hall, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Except during global pandemics.

Everything I know, I learned at Spacesim.

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